Do It On My Own?

Now, you may be thinking, “Can’t I just go through this whole DUI thing on my own?” Certainly. But I’d wager thousands of dollars that you would stumble through the system and, worst of all, realize too late that you should have done some things sooner. Yep, you may say to yourself, “Darn, I should have done X three months ago!” But how would you know what to do three months earlier? 

I say this because there is a gap between when you get your DUI and when you see the judge, and there are things you need to do in that gap. Is there a lot to do? Yes. But here’s the good news:  The DUI Handbook spells everything out for you, and walks you through everything, step by step. If you follow its steps, you can be on the road in the least amount of time. 

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