Lowering the Offense

Do you know how to lower the offense of which you are accused? If you need to complete community service, do you know how to do that easily, or will you spend your valuable time shopping around for someplace that is willing to take your service and vouch for you to the DMV? (It sounds easy but just wait until you try.) 

And if counseling is required, do you know the “right” kind of counseling that will count for the DMV? And who are the “right” kind of counselors? 

And do you know the “right” number of counseling hours? And do you know how to deal with the breathalyzer in your car so it doesn’t inaccurately record alcohol on your breath when you haven’t been drinking?

You probably answered NO to those questions because you haven’t been in this situation before, so help yourself and become able to answer YES by learning from my experience. My mistakes are now your advantages. If you have already been arrested for a DUI then the clock is already ticking and you don’t have a moment to lose! There is a lot to get done before your court date, so get moving!

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